We develop donor acquisition funnels to help your organization grow and nurture more donors.

Our team of digital fundraisers do the heavy lifting so your organization can focus more on mission and less on tactics and skills that slow you down.

Done For You

You won't have to figure out what's working with Facebook advertising, email, landing pages, conversion series, etc. Our experts do the heavy lifting for you.

A Systematic Approach to Fundraising

Our approach to donor acquisition is unlike any other. We develop a plan, execute the plan, and update you on what we are learning along the way.

Why Nonprofits Struggle to Raise Money Online

Over the years we’ve been doing digital fundraising, we find that there is a great deal of confusion amongst nonprofits when it comes to digital fundraising – especially when it comes to Facebook fundraising. Many nonprofits choose to spend money on acquiring likes instead of donors. They don’t understand how to create a donor driven funnel that helps people who have never heard of the organization engage, connect, and invest in the cause.

“Converge has helped us scale our digital acquisition, testing various audiences and strategies while continuing to hit our goals. Mark is a highly skilled and talented marketer and understands non-profits extremely well. Having worked on the side of the organization, he understands what challenges the organization has and knows how to communicate effectively to address those challenges.”

Carly B, Director of Marketing at JVMI

How We Help Nonprofits Raise Money Through Facebook Advertising

Through a systemized process, we have honed and crafted a process for connecting with potential donors, nurturing them, and converting them into givers who have a higher lifetime value than most channels including direct mail, TV, and other digital channels. In fact, many of our clients end up moving money from other channels because of the great successes they are seeing with Facebook donor acquisition.

“Converge takes the time to truly understand your situation and then works with you to dial in a strategy and produces leads that convert, not just folks who will click on an ad. Mark is an absolute pro at lead generation and I would recommend any organization that is looking to grow to use him.”

Brad Davies, Owner of Hatch Fundraising

Ready to supercharge your organization?

How It Works

Our Simplified Approach to Digital Fundraising

Our process simplifies digital fundraising into three areas of focus. These areas will help your organization get the highest ROI for your investment into Facebook Fundraising.

New Name Generation

We'll look over your current assets and help you develop an offer that will attract your ideal donor at the lowest cost possible.

Donor Acquisition

We then build a funnel consisting of landing pages, emails, and donation forms to ensure a consistent message that leads people through a sequence that proves the value proposition of your organization and answers the question of why they should give to your organization.

Lifetime Value (LTV) Accelerator

Finally, we continue the nurturing process by promoting more opportunities for a second gift and/or sustainer gifts accelerating the lifetime value of each donor.


Converge helped this nonprofit acquire more advocates to fight against the government’s taking of public lands.

Converge helped SUWA, a medium sized nonprofit reach thousands of new advocates and gain new donors.

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Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Click on the Get started box and fill out the form. We’ll then contact you to setup a Facebook Fundraising strategy session where we will discuss your organization’s goals and needs and help you determine how you can best leverage Facebook ads for donations.

What kind of budget should we start with?

We recommend organizations start with a commitment of at least $3,000-$5,000 per month for Ad Spend. This is separate from our retainer fee.

How much time does our team need to invest in this?

Honestly, not much. Having worked on the Nonprofit side, we understand everybody on your team is wearing 17 hats. So, we’ve streamlined our process to allow you to be as involved you want to be. We handle just about everything from copy to images to landing pages to emails. In addition to weekly reports and occassional emails, we’ll meet monthly to discuss the last month’s learnings, reports, and the strategy for the upcoming month.

Couldn’t we do this in-house?

Absolutely! You could definitely invest the time and capital it takes to develop an in-house Facebook fundraising strategy. However, what we’ve found is that most organizations come to the realization that the amount of time it takes to continuously optimize, split test, write new copy, change images, formulate strategies, and deal with the constant changes from Facebook’s algorithm and advertising platform, it ends up making more sense to hire Converge.

Why do organizations partner with Converge?

We’ve found that most organizations who become clients do so, not just because of our knowledge of Facebook, but also for our in-house fundraising experience. We’ve sat on your side of the table and understand how to fundraise from your perspective. Therefore, we only partner with organizations that have missions we can get behind as if we were working as an employee of your organization.

What makes you different from other agencies?

Our focus is not to become a big agency that does everything. We want to stay in our lane. Our lane is digital donor acquisition and we think we’re pretty good at it. While other agencies and consultants can help you with a myriad of things, our business is focused on helping your ministry or nonprofit reach new donors at a cost that makes sense for your operating budget.

Do you charge a commission?

Because we work on a tiered retainer model, our prices don’t randomly fluctuate because you needed to spend more money on a campaign one month. We feel that one of our greatest assets to you is not in how much money we spend on advertising, but in how much value we create for you, your nonprofit and your donors. We know that our business only exists because of those stakeholders, so we prefer to honor those relationships.

How long are your contracts?

If we don’t earn your business every month, we don’t deserve to send you an invoice. Flat out. We want to earn your business every single month. We are tenacious about the results we provide for our clients. By allowing our clients the flexibility of being able to walk away, our aim is to ensure you never have a need to walk away from our relationship. We believe that if we focus on providing tremendous value, you will value our service and want to remain in relationship.

What kind of organizations are a fit for Converge?

We typically work with organizations who have crossed the $2mm per year in operating revenue mark and have a few things going for them:

  1. They know their donor’s LTV, so they understand how much they can spend to acquire a new donor.
  2. They send regular emails and/or direct mail to new names and donors to turn them into repeat givers.
  3. They have the ability to spend $3-5k per month in new donor acquisition.

Ready to supercharge your organization?