Funding Your Nonprofits Growth

How can you fund your growth if you're scared that donors are going to look at your 990 and think you spend too much money on operations and fundraising?? For some reason that has…

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The one thing that changes everything

Nonprofits often take this for granted, but its the very bedrock of what makes people want to give to your organization in the first place. Your organization must be congruent…

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Why Facebook Ads Won’t Work for Your Organization

There's really only 3 reasons Facebook ads won't work for your organization and it has nothing to do with budget: 1. You're just dabbling. You have to get serious. Facebook is a…

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Fundraiser or Beggar?

Are you a fundraiser or a beggar? Beggars stand on the streets asking for money in exchange for nothing. Fundraisers build relationships through value and ask for partnership and…

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You Must Earn the Right to Ask

Why in the world do nonprofits think they have the right to ask people for money? Charity. Altruism. Social good. Yes, yes. Those are all good reasons. But.

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Why Donors Are Ignoring You

If you ever spend time at a mall, you’ll notice that most of them are full of little kiosks in the middle aisle. These are usually small businesses trying to make it into a larger…

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Christmas in July

The fallacy of end of year giving. Its December…you’re chasing your tail, trying to put out like 13,000 different emails and direct mail pieces. You just finished up Giving…

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Apathy is killing your nonprofit

A few months ago, my weight had gotten out of control. I had put on a lot of weight and knew that it was time to get it back under control. Several years ago I had gone on a…

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4 Steps to Unlock Program Revenue in Your Nonprofit

My wife’s favorite store is the Dollar Tree. She loves going in there and finding all kinds of $1 items for our house. From food to toiletries, they’ve got a lot of stuff and she…

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The Perils of Inaction

Last year a board member from a 30-year-old nonprofit doing really cool humanitarian work in Africa, reached out to me. He wanted to talk about how we could help them improve…

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