Top 10 Tips for Nonprofit Facebook advertising

If you’re running Facebook ads for your organization this will apply. If you’re contemplating whether you should. Read the list, then start dabbling with Facebook ads.

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How to Provide Value to Donors

If you’re going to spend money on acquiring new donors, you must build funnels that create as much value as possible. I know, I know. These are people and they are worth more than…

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Fundraising blind

No one puts a blindfold on as they’re getting ready to go for a drive. Putting on a blindfold would be a dumb decision. If you can’t see where you are going, then how will you…

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Why you MUST know your numbers

Was just talking to one of my clients about their numbers. Their acquisition numbers are insanely good. But, they don’t know it. I love this client. They have a great offer and we…

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The Process of Donor Acquisition

If you want new donors, you must follow a process to get those donors. But, The process is NOT easy. The process takes time. The process takes investment. The process is NOT for…

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You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip

I mean have you ever tried? You’ll fail miserably because a turnip doesn’t have blood! Then why do so many nonprofits try to squeeze blood from a turnip? It’s like you’re going…

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Playing small ball

When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the park to play basketball. The only problem is that I was like 4 foot nothing and couldn’t handle the pressure of playing with the big…

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Acquiring Donors is EASY

When you approach getting new donors through this lens you force yourself to shut up every lie and excuse you are believing. These lies are often the culprit behind why nonprofits…

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THE Solution to your Fundraising Issues

Donors could see the need for what you do and the impact of what your program could do, but if they don’t trust you, they either won’t give a gift or the gift will be small in…

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How to make a bigger impact

How much impact does your organization make? That much, you say? So what? Oh dang. Somebody just got offended.

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