How to make a bigger impact

How much impact does your organization make? That much, you say? So what? Oh dang. Somebody just got offended.

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The Power of Gratitude

Lately, I have been thinking about something that constantly plagues the nonprofit community: Why are most donors one-time givers? You would think that if you earned the…

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Are you being Captain Obvious in your Fundraising??

If the needs you are presenting to potential donors are not clear, donors won’t give to your organization. Clear as in Captain Obvious clear. People can’t give to something that…

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Needy nonprofits

Omg...nobody loves the person who only texts, calls, or emails you when they need something. You know that friend. They seem to always have an agenda or an angle they are trying…

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How to get something for nothing

There’s an old sketch on the show In Living Color from the ‘90’s where Chris Rock plays a homeless character who goes into a store and asks how much different products are. In the…

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The Fallacy of Growth

The other day I had a conversation with the executive team of a smaller nonprofit who was trying to figure out this whole digital fundraising thing. They didn’t know what they…

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How healthy is your digital fundraising?

I have something really cool to share. After speaking with a lot of nonprofits over the past few months, I decided to create a quick quiz to help you determine the health of your…

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Get your head out of the sand!

If you think your nonprofit is going to be “ok” then you might have your head in the sand. Every week I talked to nonprofits who are afraid of what is going to happen if they…

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How to create the NEED to give

In every high-value donor funnel we develop for clients, we emphasize the idea that one of the main reasons people move to give a gift is because they “See the need.” Seeing the…

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Why are we here?

I sat back after I had heard all of the excuses I wanted to hear. She had just finished talking about all of the reasons that her organization was struggling and had just heard…

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