Happy Monday!

A few months ago, my weight had gotten out of control. I had put on a lot of weight and knew that it was time to get it back under control. Several years ago I had gone on a lifestyle journey and lost a bunch of weight, but I found myself right back where I started.



And overweight.

A friend of mine had lost a ton of weight over the past year, so I decided to grab a phone call. He began telling me about his journey and how he had lover over 60lbs. 

I knew this was exactly what I needed.

I began to feel myself fall into this idea of a new lifestyle. I saw me healthier and lighter than I had ever been before.

But, something happened towards the end of the conversation. 

Some would call it my lizard brain. Others would call it fear.

I would call it self-sabotage.

In three weeks, I would be taking my family on a 9-day vacation that included a trip to Disney World and a Disney cruise.

Since I had been to Disney World several times and had already been on this cruise ship, I knew that food would be a challenge.

So, I thought the best thing would be for me to wait.

Why start this new diet if I was going to be on a cruise ship with all you can eat buffets 24 hours a day?

Who would put themselves through such torture?

I decided that it was probably better to wait.

Plus, its probably not a good idea to make a decision this quickly, I thought.

My wife had joined us on the phone and just as she saw me hemming and hawing about whether we should start now or in a month, she immediately said, “Let’s start today!”

She had grabbed a hold of a principle that was going to be inherent to our success.

Instead of putting off the lifestyle change, she knew that it would be better for us to start now and live through the crucible of a cruise.

After all, just because you start today, doesn’t mean you have to be perfect tomorrow.

My old self would have focused on the perfection of this diet. I knew that the moment I fell off the wagon I would be in shame and feel sorry for myself, leading me further down the rabbit hole of despair.

So, I agreed and we started that day.

Now, most of you are probably thinking that I crushed it on the cruise ship and ate like a champ…

In fact, that was the furthest thing from the truth…lol

Nah…actually, I didn’t do so bad. 

Did I eat some deserts? Yes.

Did I eat a few extra portions? Yes.

What I came to find out, was it wasn’t so much whether I “cheated” or not, but how I responded to that “cheating”.

By the time we got back home, I was invested and ready to get back on the wagon. In fact, I came back with such a veracity, that any weight I gained (Yes, I gained a few lbs) was gone in a matter of days. Then, I blew through my next 10lbs.

It was incredible. 

Had I not started that lifestyle change before the cruise, I probably wouldn’t have started. 
I would still be really overwhelmed, tired, and overweight.

Sometimes waiting is a good thing.

But, when it comes to your health, it’s NOT a good idea to wait.

When it comes to your organization’s health, its also NOT a good idea to wait.

So many nonprofits are struggling with finding new donors, growing their email list with engaged people, and figuring out how to grow the lifetime value of their current donors.

I speak to so many directors of development, marketing, and executives who KNOW that a change is needed.

They know that their donor file is dying.

They know that they haven’t figured out how to get donors from digital channels like Facebook.

They know that they have no idea why people give to their organizations.

Yes, for some reason…they wait.

They wait because…

It’s easy.

It feels good.

It’s safe.

All three of those are part of the human condition called apathy. We grow apathetic towards what we know needs to change until something pushes us out of our comfort zone.

It took me not being able to tie my shoes comfortably to wake me up out of my apathy.

What’s it going to take for your organization?

A mass exodus of donors?

A senior management shakeup?

A serious decline in recurring givers?

Please, for the sake of your organization and the health of your donors…

Don’t wait.

Get help.

It’s literally a phone call away.

Let’s chat and help your organization together snap out of this apathy for the sake of your constituents, your donors, and your community. They need you.