If the needs you are presenting to potential donors are not clear, donors won’t give to your organization.

Clear as in Captain Obvious clear.

People can’t give to something that isn’t obvious. It brings too much conflict.

That’s why the Captain Obvious commercials are so appealing and funny.

It’s like “duh” just use hotels.com

A conflicted mind is a confused mind. A confused mind doesn’t give donations.

However, if you make the need so clear…you don’t have to be persuasive.

Think about it.

You’re walking down the street and the elderly person in front of you suddenly falls down.

The need is clear. The choice is obvious. I see that he needs help. I can either help him up or walk past him.

This type of need is clearly communicated to my brain. I don’t feel manipulated. But, I feel the tension. More than likely, I’m going to react in a giving way and help him up.

When we ask for dollars its the same thing.

We must present a clear and concise need so that people are presented with the option to help or keep walking by.

Don’t help them walk by with emails and appeals that are generic, unemotional, and unclear.

Help them see a clear need and a clear path for helping. I would rather be clear than persuasive.

I’m going to be Captain Obvious and remind you that if you and I get on a call, we will fix your fundraising issues.

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