How can you fund your growth if you’re scared that donors are going to look at your 990 and think you spend too much money on operations and fundraising??

For some reason that has become a much bigger deal to nonprofits.

I get it. Donors want to know they are making an impact, but donors must also understand that investment within your organization will multiply itself and give you a ton more opportunity to serve more people.

Instead of running from what your organization does, lean into it. Instead of hiding the fact that only $.68 of every dollar raised goes towards the actual impact, help people understand the power of investing in your organization so you can serve more people than you could if you only took $.10 into operations.

Let’s break that down.

If your organization is taking $.90 of every dollar and putting it into impact, it gives you very, very little to scale your organization.

However, if you are taking an additional $.20 of every dollar to put into infrastructure and hiring professionals to manage the operations of the organization, you can probably expand your serving capacity by 10x.

Think about that. Maybe at $.90 you’re able to serve 10,000 meals per year.

But, at $.68 you’re able to serve 100,000 meals because you’ve been able to hire professional fundraisers, good leadership, and invested in tools that your nonprofit needs to handle greater capacity.

Nonprofits have to increase their capacity to serve more people and we shouldn’t be ASHAMED of this growth.

Growth is good. Donors wouldn’t care as much about it if we didn’t make such a deal about it.

We like to look at companies like Charity Water who give 100% of their fundraising to impact.

But, in reality, their operations are actually paid for by some very big donors who supply the capital needed to pay a full-time staff.

For some reason, there is this myth that if we are a nonprofit that means people shouldn’t be paid well.

Hogwash! People should be paid well because they provide tremendous value.

This is exactly why Converge is continuously raising its prices. We create new donor acquisition systems that literally change the game when it comes to where and how you can bring in new donors on autopilot.

By fixing the broken areas of your fundraising, we are adding tremendous value to your organization and we should be compensated fairly.

If you and I end up doing business together, I’m going to push your organization to change its mindset from small-mindedness to a growth mindset.

Doesn’t mean we have to take you from $2mm to $20 million overnight. It just means that we are going to help you grow your donor base, fix the leaky holes, and get you and your staff to think completely different about how and why you get donors to partner with your organization.

We want you to grow in impact. We want you to grow in your ability to serve more people.

That cannot happen until your organization has a monumental shift that changes the way you do marketing.

I was talking to a potential client the other day and she got it.

I asked her what will happen if these areas of her fundraising don’t get fixed.

She said that if they don’t do this they will struggle and eventually die.

Harsh, but true.

She understood the power of having to change the way they do donor acquisition.

If you’re ready for that kind of shift, let’s fix your fundraising.