Are you a fundraiser or a beggar?

Beggars stand on the streets asking for money in exchange for nothing. Fundraisers build relationships through value and ask for partnership and investment.

Some of you feel like beggars, which is why you’re afraid to ask for money from your constituents. You have all kinds of weird emotions tied to money, which keep you from putting it in its proper place as a tool for growth.

Others of you are beggars, just asking for handouts, hoping to make it through your next fiscal year. As a professional fundraiser, you must learn how to add value to your potential clients.

Recently, I was working with a University client who was trying to get more alumni to become givers. Their problem was that engagement had been on the decline as many nonprofits have experienced.

As we were talking through their value proposition, I asked them why alumni would give to their University.

The fundraiser really had no idea why they should give. This played itself out in their donor communications as everything was about the organization, not the donor.

There was NO connection to the emotions of being part of that community and what their gift would mean for them personally.

Without meaning to, the University had become beggars, just asking for money.

I love what we do at Converge.

We literally hep organizations transform the way they are asking for money, by providing so much value, it overcomes any cost to the donor there might be.

Tapping into motivation and the pleasure of giving is what we specialize in.

If you’re starting to feel like your organization might be acting more like beggars than fundraisers, we should talk.

My assistant Christine said I only have time for like 3 or 4 calls next week to help nonprofits look at how they are raising funds through online marketing. Do you want one of those spots?

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