If you think your nonprofit is going to be “ok” then you might have your head in the sand.

Every week I talked to nonprofits who are afraid of what is going to happen if they don’t get their fundraising fixed.

Unfortunately, some of them have their head buried so deep in the sand that they can’t see what’s coming.


If you think for one minute that a donor is going to just keep giving to your organization until they pass away, and then put you in their will because you “thanked them” or you do “good work”…

Good luck to you.

The competition for dollars is fierce. And I’m not just talking about donations.

Your donors and potential donors are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages that are competing for those dollars.

By burying your head in the sand, you aren’t just putting your job at risk. You’re putting the lives of the people you serve at risk.

You’re affecting the amount of impact your organization can do if it doesn’t get their head out of the sand and change the way they think about their fundraising.

Fundraising isn’t a “have to.”

It isn’t a “should we”.

Fundraising is a MUST.

You MUST have more funds so you have MORE impact.

You MUST have more impact to fulfill your mission.

Let’s do this!