You’ve probably heard this a million times: “Go figure it out!” As a kid you were probably taught at an early age to figure things out, which helps you develop a strong work ethic and independence.

However, along with work ethic, comes a certain sense of pride in figuring things out.

I remember as a kid coming to my dad with stuff and he would say, “Go figure it out!”

Or being at a job and didn’t know what to do so my boss would say, “Go figure it out!”

Heck, sometimes with my own kids when I’m impatient and don’t want to answer their question, I say, “Go figure it out!”

For all the value that a work ethic and the ability to figure it out gives us, it also costs us something.

By spending time trying to figure things out all the time, we are costing ourselves time and money.

In many cases, figuring it out is what’s best for us. After all, figuring it out gives us confidence and character to persevere.

But, what happens when we are trying to figure out the wrong thing?

What if we are spending time trying to figure out stuff that doesn’t really matter to our organizations in the long-term because they aren’t a part of our core competency?

When I first started in digital marketing, I figured out how to build Wordpress websites. I literally “figured out” how to make them from YouTube tutorials and just messing around with stuff.

After a while, I started to realize that if I wanted to build a business, I needed to hire other people who were better at figuring it out because they had already built an expertise in Wordpress.

This made my life simpler because instead of building one website in a week, my company could build fifteen or twenty.

Figuring out digital fundraising is costing you something.

Even if your in-house specialty is “figuring out” how to make your social media zing, or your emails pop, or your website go cha-ching. There is an opportunity cost to the organization.

Imagine if you didn’t have to figure out where all the holes in your fundraising were because you were busy implementing and strategizing with a partner who understands and has the years of experience necessary to not only fix the problems you are having but accelerate the growth of your organization?

If you’re stuck and you’re trying to figure out this digital fundraising thing or this Facebook ads thing or this email thing, let’s hop on a call soon.

Remember, there are only a few more months until the major giving season gets in full swing. Last year we were maxed out and we anticipate an even busier season. I’m adding more and more staff each month to handle all of our new clients who have decided to stop trying to figure it out and make the investment into their fundraising.

If that’s you, let chat about how we can help you fix your fundraising: