In every high-value donor funnel we develop for clients, we emphasize the idea that one of the main reasons people move to give a gift is because they “See the need.”

Seeing the need is one of the biggest reasons people get behind what you do.

If they can’t see the need, why would they give?

But, what if we could take it one step further? What if instead of just helping people see the need, we create a need within them to want to give and invest in our cause?

It’s no different from selling a widget to a regular person. If the person doesn’t feel like they “need” the widget they won’t buy it.

So, let’s steal a little something out of the Apple playbook and talk about how they do this.

Apple is really good at creating cool products that people “need” to have.

For years, people have stood in line for the latest iPhone or iPad because they “needed” it.

But what Apple is selling isn’t the box, the technology, or the cool plastic.

They’re selling the need. They’re creating a need so strong within people that people have to have it.

Apple does this in several ways, but one of the main ways they do it is through social proof.

They design their products in such a way that its cool to have it. It says something about you when you have the latest iPhone or MacBook.

I find myself in this quandary right now. While I have a perfectly acceptable Microsoft Surface Pro it just doesn’t feel cool.

There is this magical pull on getting a new iPad Pro. Apple has created this pull on me. My peers have iPads. Other Startup CEO’s and founders have this tablet.

I need it!!

Apple has done a masterful job of creating the need within me to the point that I’m willing to lay down $1000 to buy a brand new one (because who wants used?)

Nonprofits who help people see the need for what they do are master marketers.

They’ve come to realize that it’s not about asking for money.

It’s about creating a need within people to want to give to their organization.

Let’s create that need together. I’ve got just a few slots available this week for some quick conversations around ways your organization can be creating that need within potential donors.

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