If you’ve been thinking about leveraging video in 2019, you’re not alone. Research suggests that most digital marketers are shifting their budgets into video this year and beyond.

Video is here. And its here to stay.

This can be good news if you know what you’re doing…

Bad news if you don’t know how to create videos that actually breakthrough the clutter and get the attention you need to convert more customers and clients.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through three different types of videos you can create as well as give examples of videos we’ve created for clients and ourselves that have gotten millions of views on Facebook and YouTube with incredible results.

The first kind of video and probably most popular kind is the animated explainer video. Most of these videos are simply cartoons that explain how your produce or service work.

As interesting and engaging as they can be, it can easily leave your potential customers feeling disconnected from your brand. It’s important that when creating your video marketing strategy you focus on quality of the medium as much as you do the quality of the script.

The next popular kind of video is the whiteboard video. It’s 2019, but people are still making these. I remember their hey day of 2011…they were cool and got sales, but almost creepy. They essentially engage you with FOMO. You have a fear of missing out on what is being written. Your brain is trying to fill in the gaps so you continue to watch to listen to the whole message.

Whiteboard explainer video

Finally, we have the talking head video. Yes, there are a ton of CEOs who like to hop on camera and this strategy can be effective. However, there are few people who can use talking head videos to actually make sales. Some coaches and consultants can pull this off, but most SaaS CEOs, agency owners, and digital marketers struggle to get on camera and get new clients.

While these types of videos can be simple to create, the script is everything. If you don’t have a good story to tell, people won’t buy.

But, what if you could create explainer videos with live action actors?

That’s what we did for a local nonprofit who needed a way to explain to people the power of the Arizona Tax Credit program. This program allows Arizona donors the ability to give up to $800 per married couple and get a dollar-for-dollar tax return.

Concept: Wife gives $800 to nonprofit without telling husband and how he responds.

What we did:

  1. Created a story around the wife as hero.
  2. Made it a funny situation because she didn’t tell her husband she was going to do it.
  3. Ended with a voiceover commercial for the organization.
  4. We then used the whole video and just the VO part to get donations on Facebook.

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We pitched one of our Facebook ads clients on the idea of doing a video that would prompt their affinity group to get out and vote.

Concept: 4 people who are apathetic about voting in the upcoming election and why it’s important they vote.

What we did:

  1. Created a story around 4 different people who had their own reasons for not voting.
  2. Showed how insignificant their reasons were for not voting.
  3. Put them in greater context.
  4. Gave the value proposition of the organization and why it was important work that they were doing.

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From time to time, we also like to make videos for industries we work in. Instead of doing boring corporate videos, we prefer to create this style of video because it helps us establish both credibility and branding.

This next video we called “Bad Santa Fundraiser.” We released it on Facebook and YouTube and brought in quite a few leads in the last few weeks of 2018.

Concept: What happens when a Fundraiser becomes Bad Santa.

What we did:

  1. Created a story that poked fun at fundraisers.
  2. Made the situation relevant to end of year campaigns
  3. Used language specific to the industry, which resulted in trust.
  4. In our ads we used a call to action to speak with us about working together.

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As you can see our process is very straightforward. We tell stories with video that break through the clutter of your market and get you attention that leads to more customers and clients.

Here’s how we do that:

Step 1 – We create a hero. This is the end-user, not you.

Step 2 – We come up with funny or serious situations to put your hero in.

Step 3 – We bring your brand/company into the situation as the leader/expert.

Step 4 – We give them a call to action.

If you think about the best TV commercials, you’ll notice a theme. They create a character like “Mayhem man” or the Lizard from Geico and put them in funny situations.

Each situation is different and unique which helps you build an ongoing campaign that tells a compelling story.

Converge Digital creates videos for our clients that helps them break through the clutter of the market, getting them the attention they need to convert more customers and clients.

Do you think your company could benefit from having a video or video series made? As digital marketing continues to evolve, companies that aren’t using video will simply die. It’s the only way to grab the attention of the market and crush the competition.

If you’re ready to discover what a video strategy would look like for your company, I want to invite you to speak to one of our Video Marketing Advisors.

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