I talk to so many clients and potential clients about the idea of scaling their fundraising into a huge budget.

What I often hear is that its impossible or that the board will never approve of such a thing.
What I’m really hearing is…


Limiting beliefs.


Those 3 team up to stop so many nonprofit fundraisers from growing their fundraising into levels that are unprecedented.

Here’s the simplest path towards scaling your ad budget to $70,000 per month:

1. Create a funnel that works. Focus on creating value that pulls the right levers and pushes the right buttons in the right sequence. Get people on your current list and page engagers to validate the funnel.

2. Then, spend $500 on a conversion ad campaign on Facebook. Figure out how many donors you got from that ad. If you’ve validated your funnel sending it to your list and your page engagers, you shouldn’t have a problem getting donors from this list.

3. Figure out your baseline KPI’s and show your leadership what you were able to accomplish. Then build out a 12-month projection, slowly increasing the budget based on the cost per donor and the immediate revenue you receive. For example, if you’re getting back $.35 for every dollar your spend IMMEDIATELY, then apply that to your budget for the next month. 

Incremental growth is the key to success with scaling your ad spend. I’ve had organizations start with as little as $1500 per month who now spend over $70,000 per month and are making HUGE ROI on the donors they get from Facebook.

It’s real friends.

Don’t let the evil 3 (fear, limiting beliefs, and shame) stop your organization from making the impact you were destined to create.

Let’s fix this.

If you’re having these mindset issues, let’s hop on a call so I can walk you through the strategy and help you scale your ad spend from $0 – $70,000 and beyond.

If you want me to help, you can book a call with me here: http://meetme.so/marksantiago?source=blog