Its January 1st, 2019, and you’re at home with your feet up, sipping a mimosa and thinking about the most amazing year you just had in your fundraising career.

Your boss is happy.

Your Executive Director is happy.

Heck…the Board is happy!

All of this, because you made ONE decision.

That’s right…all it takes is one decision.

The decision isn’t whether you try a new digital channel or send a particular email.

No, the decision isn’t whether you should hire a new agency or do it in house.

This one decision will be THE MAIN reason you’ll be sipping champagne on Jan 1, 2019 and looking back at the most successful year in fundraising your team has ever had.

You’re probably thinking, “How the heck can this one decision carry so much weight?”

Good question.

Think about what keeps a train together. Its just ONE linchpin. This linchpin is responsible for keeping an entire train moving. If the linchpin is removed from the train engine, the rest of the train can’t go anywhere.

As a fundraiser you have to make this one, fundamental decision BEFORE you can actually achieve all of your goals this year.

Here’s the decision:

You have decide to be ALL IN.

If you and your team are not all in, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you do. It doesn’t matter how many appeals you send.

You will NOT achieve your goals without being all in.

As a fundraiser, I’ve seen so many teams and practitioners get distracted with all of the wrong things.

Instead of focusing on the process, they get lost in the goal.

When people lose the vision, they cast off all restraint. They end up throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.

This method for growing your donor base will literally stifle your ability to be focused and grow what is actually working.

Unfortunately, we come across this all the time in our client work. We run into orgs who WANT change.

They WANT new donors. They WANT more revenue.

But, they’re not ALL IN.

I can guarantee that if you pick a strategy and go all in on that strategy you will get results.

Its much better than to have gone all in on something and not gotten the results you wanted than to just “dabble” in Facebook ads or send a few appeals to see what happens.

At Converge we bring every client through our 3 phase process of growing their digital fundraising.

Phase 1 is the validation phase. In this phase we get super focused on validating the numbers.

– What does it cost to get a donor?

– Can we scale what we are doing?

– Is Facebook the right channel for getting new donors?

Once we’ve validated that this works, then we move to the scale phase. We come up with several hypoetheses, which is how we create our testing experiments.

– Which images/creative is the best?- Which audiences can be scaled and grow?- What’s the best objective / optimization technique for scaling?

Then we move into Phase 3 where we go deep with the new donor, lapsed donor, and sustainer campaigns.

It all boils down to the process.

Does your organization have a process for attracting new donors?

Are you systematically building new donor funnels?

and finally…

Are you and your team ALL IN?

If you can’t answer that one question, January 1, 2019, will probably look different to you than what you hope it will look like.

I hope on January 1, 2019, you are looking at your numbers and the data feeling pretty good about the fact that you went all in and you succeeded.

Even if you “failed” you still succeeded.

There is no failure in learning. When you go all in and invest to get the data you need to make decisions, you are taking control of what seems out of your control.

Yes, we have no control over who gives, but we have control over the process and the steps we take to get people to give to our organization.

Are you all in?