Kristin found herself in a conundrum.

She wanted to move forward because she felt like using Facebook to find donors was exactly what her nonprofit needed to grow to the next level.

However, she was stuck.

You see, Kristin just started in her new role and as much as she was ready to take the leap with Facebook fundraising, she was also a little bit petrified about her new boss.

Her Executive director wasn’t much different than yours.

John was a seasoned veteran of both fundraising and working for nonprofits.

After a successful career at a larger nonprofit, he decided to take his talents to a smaller, regional nonprofit, where he could make his mark.

As Kristin approached John with the idea of growing their donor base with Facebook ads, John seemed skeptical. He had been to the conferences and heard the buzz, but he wasn’t really sure that it could be done.

After all, it seems like there’s a new trick, platform, or shiny object pitching their services or software to the nonprofit market every year.

But Kristin new better.

She trusted the case studies that she had read. 

She researched the possibility of her nonprofit putting together a test budget and that it would be rather inexpensive.

She understood the risks of creating a strategy that could alter the way digital fundraising is done at her organization.

Kristin knew what she had to do. She knew that she wouldn’t have the time to run the ads so she should hire an agency to run the ads for her.

Later that day, she mustered up the courage to approach John with the idea of testing out Facebook ads and hiring an agency to do it for their organization.

As she approached John’s door, she was a bit trepid. After all, John was a very smart man with a background in high level strategy and numbers that would make her head spin. 

“Come in,” John said.

As she walked up to his desk, she calmed herself. Then with poise like never before she launched into a series of facts, case studies, ideas, and a proposed budget for why she thinks her organization should launch a Facebook ads campaign to get new donors.

As John sat back in his chair and listened, a smile came across his face.

“Kristin. I think it’s a great idea. But, we don’t have a budget for it.”

“John, with all due respect, we have the money, we just haven’t made this a priority. I’m afraid that if we don’t make this a priority now it will be too late.”

John sat forward abruptly and said, “The board doesn’t have the risk tolerance for this kind of thing. We can’t just spend a bunch of money on Facebook ads when we don’t know if it will work. On top of that you want me to hire an agency? Do you know how much they charge for stuff like this? It could be $10-$20,000 per month!?”

“No, the board would much rather us figure it out on our own. How hard can it be to just setup some ads?”

Kristin knew from her experience in past jobs that learning not only the tactics of Facebook would be a challenge, but what about the strategy?

She thought about things like the Facebook pixel and getting data from Facebook into her CRM. She thought about the different objectives like traffic, purchase, video views, post engagements, and like campaigns.

She really had no idea where to start.

Kristin knew that she didn’t have the experience, nor the time to embark on this campaign.

Maybe over time, she could figure it out, but, she knew that time was money. By the time she could figure it out, it might be too late. Also, if she was managing Facebook who would be taking care of her other responsibilities?

Finally, Kristin shot back: “John, how about we hire a company to teach me how to do it in the quickest way possible. That way I don’t waste any time spinning my wheels.” 

“I recently downloaded the Facebook Fundraising Blueprint from a company called Converge Digital. They specialize in working with nonprofits only and help them get their messaging right, choose the right offers, develop a posting strategy for Facebook and Instagram, and then help you launch a Facebook ads campaign to get more donors.”

“The program is only eight weeks and it could shorten my learning curve by almost two years. I read that last year they brought in $1.3mm just from Facebook ads for their clients. What do you think about something like that?”

John was intrigued. He hadn’t thoughts about hiring a coach for his staff as that could be a sizable investment. But, he also knew that if these guys were as good as the results they’ve shown, then it might be one of the best investments he has made for the organization.

John smiled at Kristen and said, “Let’s get Converge on the phone and see if this could be a fit for us.”

Kristin went to: to schedule a meeting with Converge’s founder, Mark Santiago to see if their organization was a fit.

If you are just like Kristen, and you know that you want to find out if Facebook fundraising can work for your organization, lets schedule a call here: