When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the park to play basketball. The only problem is that I was like 4 foot nothing and couldn’t handle the pressure of playing with the big boys.

So, I would usually play by myself on the opposite basket. Every time they came back down to my side of the court I would have to run off to the sidelines because I was afraid of getting knocked over.

For years, this sort of crippled me mentally. As silly of a story that it is, it caused me to play small ball in many areas of my life, including business.

I see so many nonprofits who are playing small ball. They see the big boys coming down to their side of the court and they’re running off hoping not to get knocked over.

Listen. You are here because we need you. We can’t afford for you to play small ball.

Stop being selfish and holding back because you and your board are afraid of making waves or looking stupid because you don’t do it like the big nonprofits.


You are bigger than that.

I don’t care if your revenue is $100k/year or $10mm per year. Screw the big boys. Bring your A game and show the world that you have a solution to these crazy problems.

Whatever you do. Don’t do it alone. It’s amazing to me how many nonprofits and fundraisers try to do this stuff on their own. Don’t get in your own way.

Let’s hop on a call next week and let me show you how you can change the game with your fundraising efforts online.

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