Last night I was working on a donation form for a new client who works with Congress on issues around early childhood education.


As I was working on the copy I began thinking about the Learnings call we had today with another political client and the onboarding of a new Kickstarter client who helps drug addicts gain freedom with an 86% success rate.


For a moment, I remembered the true impact of our little company.

Last year we brought in $1.3mm in revenue for our Nonprofit clients.

This year we want to triple that.

The impact that we give them is so much greater than I can even fathom.

The only problem is that I often get so caught up in the numbers, donors, leads, etc. that I forget what we are really doing.

I get frustrated when we don’t get to work with a new client that we know we can help or when my team doesn’t get a campaign out the door on time.

Last night, I was reminded that I have to slow down to go fast.

This isn’t an email about me or what we are doing, but an encouragement to remember the impact you are making on your constituents lives.

Sometimes we have to slow down and be reminded of the transformation we are creating in the world.

You are changing people’s lives.

You are helping children get access to education
You are helping people gain freedom from addiction.
You are helping create a greener earth

Keep doing what you do. Keep posting, advertising, talking to donors, and asking questions.

Keep pressing into the tough stuff. Keep fighting.

The fight isn’t about you. Its about that constituent who has been waiting and praying for what your organization can do for them. Its about legacy. Its about being the leader you were created to be.

Pause tonight and think about the impact your organization is making and revel in it.

Enjoy the process. Love the process. Become the process.