The other day I had a conversation with the executive team of a smaller nonprofit who was trying to figure out this whole digital fundraising thing.

They didn’t know what they didn’t know and it was killing them.

They were excited over small amounts of growth.

Yes, growth is good. But, only growth that you can scale really counts.

The type of growth they were doing was minimal and based on events.

Sound familiar?

So many nonprofits are scared of investing in real growth so they settle for what I call Phantom growth.

Phantom growth is when you do something like an event or a Facebook ad or a radio campaign that does well.

Then, instead of scaling these opportunities (because you don’t know how) you sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Unfortunately, the people you are serving are suffering.

Instead of being able to serve more of those people, you are settling for this phantom growth and telling your board and anybody who will listen how wonderful you are doing.

Imagine looking at the real numbers?

Imagine looking into the details and realizing there are thousands and millions of potential dollars that your organization is literally leaving on the table because you are settling for phantom growth.

Please don’t do this.

Focus on real growth. Growth that is both tangible and measurable.

If you’re scared of growth, you might as well pack up.

The nonprofits who are going to succeed are the ones who absolutely know they must grow.

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