As a fundraiser who manages digital marketing and donor campaigns, you are tasked with:

1. Having digital conversations with people to get them to know, like, and trust your organization enough to give a gift.

2. Manage budgets, meetings, and vendors.

3. 17,000 other things that fall within your “other duties as needed” clause.

That’s a lot for one person to deal with. Especially when you’re underpaid or under appreciated for the contribution to your organization!

Its no wonder you’re struggling to keep up with all the demands of your job.

Now, if you’re like I was when I worked on the nonprofit side, you totally enjoy the value you are creating.

You enjoy learning all of the cool new stuff and trying to apply it…


You feel like you can’t get the organization moving ahead.

You want your leadership to trust you and give you a budget you can actually work with.


You want to figure out how to make this new donor acquisition thing REALLY WORK.

Like, work so well you “get a promotion” kind of work.

I have news for you.

Not only is it possible to do all of the above, but its totally worth it.

There’s nothing like the feeling you get from putting in the work and seeing it pay off, especially when you weren’t sure if it was going to work in the first place.

That’s why we do what we do at Converge. We help nonprofits create a clear path towards getting new donors, who keep giving, at the lowest cost possible.

Hop on a call here.

When we work with our Nonprofit clients on building a donor acquisition system that gets them hundreds of donors every month, we usually find that making just a few minor changes to what they are already doing will extract the most value from their process.

Case in point.

One of our clients was using one word in their messaging that was causing friction and keeping people from opting-in to their lead magnet.

We went through our metrics process and found the bottleneck. The landing page was only converting at 18% when it should be converting above 30%.

We made some changes to the landing page and immediately the conversion rate jumped to 42%!!

What’s even better is that we lowered the cost per lead from over $20 per new name to just $.71 per new name.

That is a HUGE decrease in cost that saved the Nonprofit tons of money.

Go look at your funnels. Get to know your numbers. Understand the rhythm of the acquisition funnel and learn how you can get better at bringing in new donors for your organization every day.

PS – you don’t have to go it alone. If you would like to discuss a few simple strategies you could be doing to levelup your Facebook Fundraising, book a call here.

PPS – if you don’t see a time on my calendar that works, shoot me back a time that would be better for you and I’ll make it happen.