If you’re running Facebook ads for your organization this will apply. If you’re contemplating whether you should. Read the list, then start dabbling with Facebook ads.

  1. Tell Facebook what you want it to do. Want leads? Tell it to send you leads. Want donors? Tell it to send you donors.
  2. Reverse engineer your budget. Figure out how many donors you want. Then figure out the cost to acquire a donor to create your budget.
  3. Know your LTV. You can’t acquire donors at a profit if you don’t understand how much a donor is worth to your organization.
  4. Focus on micro-conversions first. Then, focus on the donation.
  5. Use video. But, use it strategically. Create audiences of people who watch your videos, then ask for a donation. Not the other way around.
  6. When using direct to donate ads, optimize for value. Not clicks.
  7. Don’t optimize for clicks. Optimize for conversions.
  8. Focus on quick wins and learn who your best audiences are, best images, and best creative are. Then scale.
  9. Don’t scale until you’ve found your winners.
  10. Kill your losers, scale your winners.
  11. BONUS: Show the board what you’ve been doing and how much revenue they are leaving on the table, by not investing in the best channel for Nonprofit advertising.