I talk to many well-meaning nonprofit executives and boards around the country. Oftentimes I run into nonprofits who KNOW they need to raise money and grow their donor base, but the difference between what they KNOW to do and what they ACTUALLY do…is HUGE!

Why is this?

Why do we struggle to implement what we know to do?

I think the answer lies in the philosophy of the organization.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits are still operating like a  small mom and pop business. One day the founder got together a few friends and formed a board and got a 501C3 to start raising money to solve a local or regional problem. 

Then one day, they hired some staff and realized they needed more money to hire more staff to do more work.

This put them in a conundrum because they never wanted to be fundraisers. They wanted to be change agents. 

Their organization’s DNA is perfect for impact and community transformation; however, fundraising has always been a struggle.

Once the team realizes the need for fundraising, they attend a few conferences or webinars. They hire a CFRE or a local fundraiser to raise funds in the community.
After two years this person doesn’t work out, so they hire another one, and another one, and another one.

Until finally one day, they realize that every new person that comes in struggles with raising money.

The CFRE knows that is has nothing to do with their incompetence. In fact, they approached the ED and the board several times with ideas and initiatives to raise more money by creating a system to brings in new donors and cultivates them over the long-term.

However, because fundraising isn’t in the DNA of this organization, fundraising isn’t given the budget, nor is it given the time to develop.

We call these types of organizations $2 Millionaires. That means they expect to put in $2 and out pops a million dollars in donations.

You might be lucky and have one conversation that results in a whole year’s operational budget, but the chances of that are slim to none. 

You have to have a system that systematically brings in new donors and cultivates them. 
Maybe you’re that CFRE or fundraiser. Maybe you’re the digital director or Director of development and you’re trying to figure out where to go from here.

You’re frustrated because you have no help and you can’t get your executive team on board with your ideas.

Maybe what you need is some help. Maybe you need a partner who can help you prove your case. Maybe you need a team of dedicated professionals who can take this weight off your shoulders so you can focus on all of the strategy and leadership of the organization’s fundraising.

If that’s you, we should talk. I’m opening up a few more slots this week. 

4th Quarter is right around the corner. Don’t walk into it without the help and support you need to lead your organization into a whole new level of fundraising.