If you ever spend time at a mall, you’ll notice that most of them are full of little kiosks in the middle aisle. These are usually small businesses trying to make it into a larger retail store.

The kiosk is a nice low-risk investment for the business owner. The problem is they have to work their tails off to get people to pay attention to them.

I have never gone to the mall, specifically, to get a product from one of these places.

What I normally do is go to one of the anchor stores to get what I came for.

I’m not alone. You probably don’t go to the mall to shop at those kiosks either, do you?

In fact, you probably ignore them all together.

So, how do these kiosks survive?

They must be proactive with their display. They must engage people with a question and hook them into what they are doing.

Sometimes they give stuff away, like free makeup or hair curling. Other times it’s about being proactive in using demonstrations.

They do what it takes to grab your attention and engage you in the process of making the sale.

For some reason, nonprofits struggle with doing this.

They expect to just ask people for money and they will give.

But, without a clear value proposition there is no real reason to give, is there?

Every week I talk to different nonprofits about what they struggle with.

The conversation usually goes:

– We are telling people about how wonderful we are.

– Then we ask them for money.

– For some reason, they seem to keep ignoring our emails.

– Email must be dead.

– Facebook must not work.

When you think about it, it’s kind of silly, right?

They tend to blame the channel or the tactic as opposed to the strategy.

Email works.

Facebook works.

But, if you don’t know how to communicate value, why wouldn’t people ignore you?

You must create value that outweighs the cost of giving to you.

So, for the next Facebook ad, email, or direct mail piece, ask yourself this:

“Does this communication create enough value for the donor that it outweighs the cost of giving to us?”

If you can’t answer “definitely.” Then, you might need to rewrite the copy.

It’s actually a pretty simple formula.

Give value. Receive donations.



PS – Want to know HOW to provide value? Hit reply and let’s hop on a quick call and I’ll walk you through how your organization can provide value to your potential and current donors.