Was just talking to one of my clients about their numbers. Their acquisition numbers are insanely good.

But, they don’t know it.

I love this client. They have a great offer and we are driving tons of new donors every day for them.

But, they don’t know their numbers.

If you want to grow your donor file. And I mean, like really move the needle. You must know your numbers.

When Amazon spends money to acquire a customer it knows how much return they will get on that customer.

When Starbucks spends money to acquire a new customer, it understands how many times that person is likely to spend money with them and when they will do it.

The smartest companies in the world invest in customer acquisition. And they can do it well because they know their numbers.

Just because you’re a nonprofit, it doesn’t give you the excuse of not knowing your numbers.

If you haven’t figured out how many times someone will give to your organization and the size of the donation they will give, how can you effectively grow your donor base?

It’s impossible.

You’ll be spinning your wheels, spending money in a vacuum. And then you’ll wake up wondering a year from now whether the acquisition program you’ve been investing in was a success or not.

Know your numbers. Grow your file. Nurture the relationship. Grow your impact.

Don’t over complicate it.