I mean have you ever tried?

You’ll fail miserably because a turnip doesn’t have blood!

Then why do so many nonprofits try to squeeze blood from a turnip? It’s like you’re going out there and trying to get something for nothing.

Listen, what you are willing to pay for something is what it’s worth to you.

If you’re not willing to pay for something, then what does that say about how much you value it?

You have to value something to be ready to pay for it.

Why do people pay a premium for Lexus or Tesla? Because they value the experience and the luxury of the vehicle.

Somebody who doesn’t have money may not value that car enough to pay $75k for it. But, to someone who has money, they will value it.

Why do nonprofits expect to get $500 or $1000 from a donor, but they’re not willing to invest to get that donor?

It’s like there’s this entitlement going around that says donors should just fall out of the sky and start giving me money on day one of our relationship and not cost me anything.

If we could all print money like that we probably wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.

I get it. Your board is on you. Cash flow is tight. But, if you don’t make the right investments right now, you’re wasting time spinning your wheels.

Stop expecting so much out of new donors and let the process have its way. You’ll be surprised how much you get in return when you honor the process