Why in the world do nonprofits think they have the right to ask people for money?

Charity. Altruism. Social good.

Yes, yes. Those are all good reasons.


What gives you the right to walk up to an average stranger and ask him for money to help your organization?

Back in the day, fundraising was done on the streets and door-to-door.

Fundraisers cultivated relationships, but also knew that they could pull the charity-altruism-social good lever and ask for money…for a good cause.

But, over time with the rise in skepticism lead by misappropriation of funds, people are skeptical of nonprofits.

To be a successful fundraiser you must earn the right to ask for money.

It’s not that you have to go overboard and suck up to people. It means that before you ask for money, earn the right.

Give them value. Show them the problem. Teach them about this amazing solution you have. Make them feel good about giving to your organization.

You must build value before you ask for money. Otherwise, you’re no different from a beggar on the street hoping to get a few dollars to make it through the next fiscal year.

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